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SQL nodes. On each machine to be used for hosting a cluster SQL node, install the server RPM
by executing the following command as the system root user, replacing the name shown for the RPM
as necessary to match the name of the RPM downloaded from the MySQL web site:
shell rpm -Uhv MySQL-Cluster-server-gpl-7.3.3-1.sles11.i386.rpm
This installs the MySQL server binary (mysqld) with NDB storage engine support in the /usr/sbin
directory, as well as all needed MySQL Server support files. It also installs the mysql.server and
mysqld_safe startup scripts (in /usr/share/mysql and /usr/bin, respectively). The RPM
installer should take care of general configuration issues (such as creating the mysql user and group,
if needed) automatically.
To administer the SQL node (MySQL server), you should also install the client RPM, as shown here:
shell rpm -Uhv MySQL-Cluster-client-gpl-7.3.3-1.sles11.i386.rpm
This installs the mysql client program.
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