Simple replication-opracowanie

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Simple replication. This is the easiest way to reproduce all identifiers and transactions on a
new server; you simply make the new server into the slave of a master that has the entire execution
history, and enable global transaction identifiers on both servers. (This requires that both master and
slave are running with the options --gtid-mode=ON [2057] --log-bin [2039] --log-slaveupdates
[2004] --enforce-gtid-consistency [2056]; see Section, “Setting Up
Replication Using GTIDs”, for more information.)
Once replication is started, the new server copies the entire binary log from the master and thus
obtains all information about all GTIDs.
This method is simple and effective, but requires the slave to read the binary log from the master; it
can sometimes take a comparatively long time for the new slave to catch up with the master, so this
method is not suitable for fast failover or restoring from backup. We can obviate the need to fetch all of
the execution history from the master by copying binary log files to the new server, as discussed in the
next few paragraphs.
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