Quick Test Setup of MySQL Cluster-opracowanie

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Quick Test Setup of MySQL Cluster
To familiarize you with the basics, we will describe the simplest possible configuration for a functional
MySQL Cluster. After this, you should be able to design your desired setup from the information
provided in the other relevant sections of this chapter.
First, you need to create a configuration directory such as /var/lib/mysql-cluster, by executing
the following command as the system root user:
shell mkdir /var/lib/mysql-cluster
In this directory, create a file named config.ini that contains the following information. Substitute
appropriate values for HostName and DataDir as necessary for your system.
# file "config.ini" - showing minimal setup consisting of 1 data node,
# 1 management server, and 3 MySQL servers.
# The empty default sections are not required, and are shown only for
# the sake of completeness.
# Data nodes must provide a hostname but MySQL Servers are not required
# to do so.
# If you don't know the hostname for your machine, use localhost.
# The DataDir parameter also has a default value, but it is recommended to
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