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Management node. The only executable program required on a computer used for hosting a
MySQL Cluster management node is the management server program ndb_mgmd.exe. However, in
order to administer the MySQL Cluster once it has been started, you should also install the MySQL
Cluster management client program ndb_mgm.exe on the same machine as the management server.
Locate these two programs on the machine where you downloaded and extracted the no-install
archive; this should be the directory C:\mysql\bin on the SQL node host. Create the directory C:
\mysql\bin on the computer having the IP address, then copy both programs to this
You should now create two configuration files for use by ndb_mgmd.exe:
1. A local configuration file to supply configuration data specific to the management node itself.
Typically, this file needs only to supply the location of the MySQL Cluster global configuration file
(see item 2).
To create this file, start a new text file in Notepad or another text editor, and enter the following
# Options for management node process
Save this file as the plaintext file C:\mysql\bin\my.ini.
2. A global configuration file from which the management node can obtain configuration information
governing the MySQL Cluster as a whole. At a minimum, this file must contain a section for each
node in the MySQL Cluster, and the IP addresses or hostnames for the management node and
all data nodes (HostName configuration parameter). It is also advisable to include the following
additional information:
• The IP address or hostname of any SQL nodes
• The data memory and index memory allocated to each data node (DataMemory [2204] and
IndexMemory [2205] configuration parameters)
• The number of replicas, using the NoOfReplicas [2202] configuration parameter (see
Section 17.1.2, “MySQL Cluster Nodes, Node Groups, Replicas, and Partitions”)
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