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Fragment notatki:

Other” modernists
Langston Hughes
James Weldon Johnson
Countee Cullen
Jean Toomer
Sterling A. Brown
Women poets:
Marianna Moore
Edna St. Vincent Milay
H.D. [Hilda Doolittle]
Gertrude Stein
Mina Loy
Laura Riching
Marianne Moore (1887-1972) was an American Modernist poet and writer noted for her irony and wit.
Uses attention to coherent
Poem - a process
She never produced a final text of a poem; always revised
Editors are very in despair which version of poem is, details interested
Famous as a poet, naturalist
Eternal spinster
Like reading her poems, dressed as a soldier
Animal poems - liked watching animals, described their different representation, an allusion picture in a natural history book (Eliot)
Used newspapers and text very far from literature
Refers to art in describing beauty of animals
Pre-post modern - deals with cultural representation of nature
Graphic evocation of details
Edna St Vincent Millay (1892-1950) a US poet who wrote romantic poems. Her collections include The Harp-Weaver and Other Poems (1922), which won the Pulitzer Prize, and Conversation at Midnight (1937). She also wrote three verse plays.
Media celebrity (newspapers, radio)
Female bohemian artist (a person, often sb who is involved with the arts, who lives in a very informal way without following accepted rules of behavior)
Believed in free love and women's liberation
Loved to perform in public
Always sth theatrical
Special about her poetry- made her poetry very simple, never obscure and difficult, modeled them on traditional genres
Master of sonnets, very good at producing regular sonnets
Elegies, ballads Easy to read and understand
Enormously popular
By growing popularity of Eliot, she was rejected
Involved in politics, in social racial politics; decided on her own marginality
Becomes more central
A lot of humor, tone of her poem
Mixture of sentimentality, irony, laughter
Gertrude Stein (1874-1946) a US writer who lived mainly in Paris after 1903. Her home there became a centre for writers, including Ernest Hemingway and Ford Madox Ford, and artists such as Picasso and Matisse. She wrote in an unusual style, often repeating words and using no punctuation. Her best-known work is The Autobiography of Alice B Toklas (1933), which is really an account of her own life. She also wrote poetry, including the famous line: `A rose is a rose is a rose.'


… called it a 'damned pitiful book'. Henri Matisse was offended by the descriptions of his wife. Georges Braque thought Stein had misconstrued Cubism. Leo Stein deemed it a farrago of lies.[4]
The commercial success that came with this book enabled Stein to live a more prosperous lifestyle.[5]
According to Virgil Thomson, who wrote music to libretti authored by Stein, the "book is in every way except…
… familiar details - common usage
Mina Loy (1882 -1966) was an artist, poet, playwright, novelist, Futurist, actress, Christian Scientist, designer of lamps, and bohemian. She was one of the last of the first generation modernists to achieve posthumous recognition. Her poetry was admired by T. S. Eliot, Ezra Pound, William Carlos Willia ms, Basil Bunting, Gertrude Stein, Francis Picabia and Yvor Winters…
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