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MySQL Cluster Auto-Installer Overview
The MySQL Cluster Auto-Installer is made up of two components. The front end is a GUI client
implemented as a Web page that loads and runs in a standard Web browser such as Firefox or
Microsoft Internet Explorer (see Section, “MySQL Cluster Auto-Installer Requirements”). The
back end is a server process ( that runs on the local machine or on another host to
which you have access.
These two components (client and server) communicate with each other using standard HTTP
requests and responses. The back end can manage MySQL Cluster software programs on any host
where the back end user has granted access. If the MySQL Cluster software is on a different host, the
back end relies on SSH for access, using the Paramiko library for executing commands remotely (see
Section, “MySQL Cluster Auto-Installer Requirements”).
The remainder of this section is concerned primarily with the Web client. For more information about
using the command-line tool, see Section 17.4.22, “ — Start browser-based Auto-
Installer for MySQL Cluster”.
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