Multiple management nodes-opracowanie

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Multiple management nodes.
When using multiple management servers:
• You must give nodes explicit IDs in connect strings because automatic allocation of node IDs does
not work across multiple management servers.
• When a management server starts, it first checks for any other management server in the
same MySQL Cluster, and upon successful connection to the other management server uses
its configuration data. This means that the management server --reload [2342] and --
initial [2341] startup options are ignored unless the management server is the only one
running. It also means that, when performing a rolling restart of a MySQL Cluster with multiple
management nodes, the management server reads its own configuration file if (and only if) it is the
only management server running in this MySQL Cluster. See Section 17.5.5, “Performing a Rolling
Restart of a MySQL Cluster”, for more information.
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