Microprogrammable circuits

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Microprogrammable circuits Microprogrammable circuits are synchronous sequential logic circuits. Their operation is defined
by the memory contents, called microprogram. Therefore they are more universal comparing to
hard-wired logic circuits. Microprogram consists of microcommands. Microcommand on turn
consists of a output part and address part. There exist several types of microprogrammable
circuits differing on the way of determining the next microcommand address. The most common
structures are:
• structure with D-register
• structure with D-register and the multiplexer(s) of condition
The second type is less universal, however it can reduce the number of address inputs of memory
if the problem can be easily implemented with this structure. In practice, this is the case, when
number of inputs that influence the operation of the circuit at given time is meaningfully less than
total number of inputs of the circuit.
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