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Method of matching When matching is performed in a transmission line context it is done in the way illustrated
in Figure 3.1. In this figure two matching systems are illustrated. The matching system
on the right is intended to transform the load impedance ZL so that it becomes equal
to the characteristic impedance Z0 of the transmission line. When that is done the
input impedance of the transmission line with its transformed load is simply equal to Z0. The matching system on the left has the function of transforming the characteristic
impedance of the transmission line Z0 further to become the complex conjugate of the
source impedance ZS. In both cases the matching systems consist of purely reactive
elements so no power is lost within them. It may be shown, but we will not do so here, that the same matching system will
transform the source impedance ZS into the real impedance Z0, so that from either of
two possible points of view maximum power transfer occurs between the source and the
input end of the transmission line.
The matching systems often consist of short lengths of transmission line with reactive
elements connected in series or in parallel.
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