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Codes and code converters Coding is an action of assigning some symbols to different information. The set of symbols is
called a code and a code using all possible combinations of symbols is called a complete code.
Codes that represent decimal numbers as binary are called binary-decimal.
The most often used codes are listed below.
There is a group of codes called cyclic, which have such property that two consecutive numbers
differ in only one bit (are logically adjacent).
It is very convenient to represent or create such codes with the help of Karnaugh map.
Code converters are such switching circuits that operate on codes and they are divided into three
• Encoders that translate a number from a 1 out of n code into any other code,
• Decoders, which transform a number in a code different to a 1 out of n code into this code,
• Translators that transform a number form one code to another but neither of them is a 1 out of
n code.
As designing an encoder or decoder seems to be a task easy enough, in the example given we
will show the process of designing a translator.
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