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Installing Oracle Database Software
This section briefly describes the steps for a desktop-class installation. Most steps are
common to all platforms and involve running the Oracle Universal Installer.
Platform-specific steps are noted. For further assistance, consult the online Help or the
Oracle Database Installation Guide for your platform.
To perform a basic installation:
1. Log on to your computer as a member of the administrative group that is
authorized to install Oracle Database software and to create and run the database.
Refer to your operating system-specific documentation or contact your system
administrator to determine whether you have the necessary privileges and
permissions to install new software.
2. Do one of the following:
■ If you are installing from distribution media, then insert the distribution
media for the database into your computer.
Note: To use Oracle ASM for recovery area storage, you must have
installed Oracle ASM as part of an Oracle Grid Infrastructure
installation and created one or more disk groups before performing
the Oracle Database installation.
Note: The following steps describe the Oracle Universal Installer
workflow for a host computer that has no previous Oracle software
installed. If your host computer has Oracle software installed, then
you may see a different workflow.
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