Installing MySQL on Unix

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Installing MySQL on Unix/Linux Using Generic Binaries
Oracle provides a set of binary distributions of MySQL. These include binary distributions in the form of
compressed tar files (files with a .tar.gz extension) for a number of platforms, as well as binaries in
platform-specific package formats for selected platforms.
This section covers the installation of MySQL from a compressed tar file binary distribution. For other
platform-specific package formats, see the other platform-specific sections. For example, for Windows
distributions, see Section 2.3, “Installing MySQL on Microsoft Windows”.
To obtain MySQL, see Section 2.1.3, “How to Get MySQL”.
MySQL compressed tar file binary distributions have names of the form
mysql-VERSION-OS.tar.gz, where VERSION is a number (for example, 5.6.14), and OS indicates
the type of operating system for which the distribution is intended (for example, pc-linux-i686 or
To install MySQL from a compressed tar file binary distribution, your system must have GNU gunzip
to uncompress the distribution and a reasonable tar to unpack it. If your tar program supports the z
option, it can both uncompress and unpack the file.
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