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The twentieth century in Britain

  • Uniwersytet Rzeszowski
  • dr B. Kochman-Haładyj
  • Historia krajów anglojęzycznych
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these issues had been resolved to most people's satisfaction (the Irish problem remained) and the rather...

Security improvements

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  • MySQL Databases
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performed in subsequent connections to the server using the account result in an error until the user issues...

Organizacje międzynarodowe II

  • Uniwersytet Warszawski
  • mgr Zygmunt Gunia
  • Organizacje międzynarodowe
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international consumer movement on issues such as: product and food standards, health and patients' rights, the...

Wykład - labour party

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  • Kultura Wielkiej Brytanii
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post, they want to change it to proportional system) Environmental issues (because they try to attract...


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  • America in the 60s
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counterculture — had sufficient leisure time to turn their attention to social issues. These social issues...