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Improving Replication Performance
As the number of slaves connecting to a master increases, the load, although minimal, also increases,
as each slave uses a client connection to the master. Also, as each slave must receive a full copy of
the master binary log, the network load on the master may also increase and create a bottleneck.
If you are using a large number of slaves connected to one master, and that master is also busy
processing requests (for example, as part of a scale-out solution), then you may want to improve the
performance of the replication process.
One way to improve the performance of the replication process is to create a deeper replication
structure that enables the master to replicate to only one slave, and for the remaining slaves to connect
to this primary slave for their individual replication requirements. A sample of this structure is shown in
Figure 16.3, “Using an Additional Replication Host to Improve Performance”.
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