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Further Reading
More information about AUTO_INCREMENT is available here:
• How to assign the AUTO_INCREMENT attribute to a column: Section 13.1.17, “CREATE TABLE
Syntax”, and Section 13.1.7, “ALTER TABLE Syntax”.
• How AUTO_INCREMENT behaves depending on the NO_AUTO_VALUE_ON_ZERO [619] SQL mode:
Section 5.1.7, “Server SQL Modes”.
• How to use the LAST_INSERT_ID() [1290] function to find the row that contains the most recent
AUTO_INCREMENT value: Section 12.14, “Information Functions”.
• Setting the AUTO_INCREMENT value to be used: Section 5.1.4, “Server System Variables”.
• AUTO_INCREMENT and replication: Section, “Replication and AUTO_INCREMENT”.
• Server-system variables related to AUTO_INCREMENT (auto_increment_increment [2000] and
auto_increment_offset [2003]) that can be used for replication: Section 5.1.4, “Server System
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