Functions in C99

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F unctions in C99  acosh  asinh  atanh  cbrt  copysign( x , y )  erf  erfc  exp2( x )  expm1( x )  fdim( x , y ) inverse hyperbolic cosine inverse hyperbolic sine inverse hyperbolic tangent cube root returns the value of x with the sign of y error function complementary error function raise 2 to the power of x, 2 x one less than the exponential of x, e x −1 positive difference between x and y, fmax(x−y, 0)  fma(x,y,z)  fmax(x,y)  fmin(x,y)  hypot(x,y)  ilogb  Lgamma  llrint  lrint  llround  lround multiply and add, (x * y) + z largest value of x and y smallest value of x and y hypotenuse, sqrt(x 2 + y 2 ) the exponent of a floating-point value, as int natural log of the abs. value of the gamma fun. round to integer (returns long long) using current rounding mode round to integer (returns long) using current rounding mode round to integer (returns long long) round to integer (returns long)  log1p(x)  log2  logb  nan(s)  nearbyint  nextafter(x,y)  nexttoward(x,y)  remainder(x,y)  remquo(x,y,p)  rint natural logarithm of 1 + x base-2 logarithm extract exponent from floating-point number returns NaN, possibly using string argument round floating-point number to nearest integer returns next representable value after x (towards y) same as nextafter, but y is always a long double calculates remainder, as required by IEC 60559 same as remainder, but store quotient (as int) at target of pointer p round to integer (returns int) using current rounding mode  round  scalbln(x,n)  scalbn(x,n)  tgamma  trunc round to integer (returns int) x * FLT_RADIX n (n is long) x * FLT_RADIX n (n is int) gamma function truncate floating-point number ... zobacz całą notatkę

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