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Fragment notatki:

Not chronological narrative
Creates feeling of confusion loss
Literature comes from three different locations:
Puerto Rico
Commonwealth, describes as migrants
In New York City, the biggest population
Judith Ortiz Cofer (1952) is an acclaimed Puerto Rican author. Her works span a range of literary genres including poetry, short stories, autobiography, essays, and Young-adult fiction.
disintegration of the typical Mexical family
Dominic Republic
Julia Alvaro
“undominican York” - assimilated to the middle class
Oscar Ihelos
“Kings of love”
Christina Garcia 1958) is a Cuban-born American journalist and novelist. After working for Time Magazine as a researcher, reporter, and Miami bureau chief, she turned to writing fiction. Her first novel, Dreaming in Cuban (1992), received critical acclaim and was a finalist for the National Book Award. She has since published her novels The Agüero Sisters (1997) and Monkey Hunting (2003), and has edited books of Cuban and other Latin American literature. Her fourth novel, A Handbook to Luck, was released in hardcover in 2007 and came out in paperback in April 2008.
Borderlands/La Frontera - Gloria Anzaldua Use of Spanish
Confusion created
Angry - you are excluded
Very brilliant way of creating experience of everyone
We - non-Spanish speakers feel excluded
Idea of exclusion Not accessible because of culture
To make an effort, she expects active gesture of participating
Always the idea of transition
Granice sap o to, by podkreślić różnicę
You are not us
Chicano culture grows out of those transitions
P.12 - S-W - przejaw niezrozumienia; ciągłe poruszanie się między granicami; istnienie granic dzieli
P.5 - Mixed heritage; emphasizes artificiality of problems
P. 7 - lg, resistance
P.79 - inclusion rather than exclusion; by stworzyć coś 1 trzeba coś zdywizjonować, na wielu różnych nationalities nawet
A culture of contradiction and opposition
Culture - odczuwa binary oppositions
P. 80.Nie ma rasy, narodowość and yet she's creating a new race, category, it's like being simultaneously excluding from one culture and negating; Very strong culture; W tej diversity of tego, co ciągnie siła; Stable, że się nie rozleci, a nie że ma zdecydowane kształty, it doesn't disappear
P. 84 - Kultura graniczna wytwarza się by stawić się kulturze obowiązującej; kobiety kolorowe, lesbijki czuja się dyskryminowane; new consciousness also like a Project - stan umysłowy; ktoś coś osiągnie, ale trzeba nad tym pracować.


… and Central America where their children, the Aztecs were defeated by Cortes. At this time the mestizo, part Spanish, part native, arose. The mestizo then traveled to what is now the southwest United States and built their lives there. Later, as the United States began to grow in population, they began moving into Mexico (currently Texas) and forcibly taking their lands. War broke out and Mexico…
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