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Definition of American Pop Culture
By Sam Williams, eHow Contributor updated: May 23, 2010 American Popular Culture has global influence.
flaf of movie 1 image by Yuriy Panyukov from Popular culture, often negatively called "group think," can influence purchasing decisions and lifestyle choices. American pop culture is the attitudes and perspectives shared by the majority of United States citizens. These ideals are predominately fueled my mass media outlets. The term "group think" is used as an insult by people who perceive themselves on the fringes of society. Their belief is that pop culture is trivial and lacks critical thought.
In the early 19th century, "popular culture" was used to describe the lower class and less educated. At the conclusion of the second World War, the term began to be associated with consumer buying habits and socially accepted behaviors for the majority. Ithaca College History Professor Michael Trotti says, "This has been a development of the last two centuries; in 1800, America had very little original culture at all, popular or otherwise." Toward the late 1960s the term was shortened to "pop culture" to describe the rebellious habits of the youngest consumers. Fashion
The clothing people wear is one of the most identifiable elements of American pop culture. This usually defines a style of dress that is popular in a one- to three-year time span. Clothing is most often influenced by celebrities or television personalities. The region of the country a person lives in will also determine the fashion he chooses. Well-known designer labels such as Calvin Klein or Rocawear have become symbols of pop culture in fashion. Television
Television has influenced American pop culture since the 1950s. An appearance of a product or a person on a popular television program can turn that person or product into a household name overnight. It can also have the adverse effect by creating infamy and turning that product or person into something that is socially unacceptable. Television is the gateway to opening debate about popular opinions. Music
Music in American pop culture transcends American borders. Due to the creation of MTV and other subsequent channels, American popular music can not only be heard in other countries but it can also be seen. One of the little-known truths about popular American music is that some American artists are not popular in American at all until they have toured the globe to promote their music. Once the record labels see their potential, then they will back them financially for consumption for an American audience. Films
American films are the perpetrators of delivering a popularly accepted view of American life. Since the 1990s and the rise of independent film, larger studios have moved toward producing films with global appeal from an American standpoint. Hollywood has been honored with serving as the globally identified geographical location of American cinematic pop culture.


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Tips & Warnings
If you are seeking out the tweens in America, construct a plan to appeal to them (study this population segment's current modus operandi in terms of receiving information).
Take your plan and make it into a business plan (outlining message, philosophy, goals, objectives and market research).
Needs and wants get convoluted in American culture…
… a driving force in what is considered "popular." Perhaps this is based on the common emotional need to be accepted by the masses. Nonetheless, the road to becoming a pop culture icon is based on some simple tenants. The eventual success of doing so is solely up to the effort put forth in direct relationship to the trends in the American psyche. Pop Culture by definition is anything pertaining to the spread
… audience. "Who" you will be appealing to will dictate "how" you will design your approach.
Organize how you will benefit from a current trend, twist a current trend into something new or be completely unique. To accomplish this, be knowledgeable and stay on the cutting edge.
Maximize your talent or gift. In other words, practice, research and do. There are few, if any, who have made their mark on popular culture in America without completing this step.
Design vocabulary that will spread like a virus. This could mean constructing a new catchy word or phrase or a unique way of using available English language to identify yourself and your talent or product.
Walk the walk (act like it). If you exude your presence people will take notice. Sure, you can be mommy's little boy at a family get…
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