Ćwiczenia, słówka z tematu "jedzenie"

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Ćwiczenia, słówka z tematu Ćwiczenia, słówka z tematu Ćwiczenia, słówka z tematu

Fragment notatki:

Complete delicious; fattening; fresh; well-done; stale; sweet; sour
1. Lemons are ­__________.
2. French bread goes ____________ very quickly.
3. ____________ food, such as cheese and chocolate
4. 'The meal was absolutely______________ ,' she said politely.
5. This tea is too____________ .
6. "How would you like your steak?" "____________."
7. The beans are ________________ from the garden.
Vocabulary knife (knives) fork(s) spoon(s) teaspoon(s)
plate(s) bowl(s) cup(s) saucer(s) boiled egg scrambled egg fried egg
frying pan
grater fresh past its sell-by date raw rotten undercooked overcooked
bake boil cook fry grill
bite chew swallow sip
1. Put the knives and ___________ on the table.
2. the smell of ____________ eggs
3. We advise to _______________ the water before drinking it.
4. Sushi is a Japanese dish that consists of small cakes of cooked rice served with ___________ fish.
5. Knives, forks, and spoons are all ____________.
6. He put a grape into his mouth and _______________ it whole.
7. There's still lots of food on your ___________.
8. I _____________ a meal every day.
9. a yoghurt two days past its ___________________
10. She gave the cat a _______________ of milk.
Things you do eat / like. Things you don't eat / like. I like fruit. I don't like fruit. I like all vegetables. I don't like coffee at all.
I love spinach. I hate spinach. I'm a vegetarian, I only eat fruit and vegetables. I'm a vegetarian, I don't eat meat or fish. I have allergies, but I can eat fruit. I have allergies, so I can't eat anything containing nuts. I eat fish on Friday, for religious reasons. I don't eat pork, for religious reasons. Dialogue
Joanna: _________is my shopping list? Oh, here it is. _____do you want for dinner tonight?
a. Who a. Where
b. Where b. How
c. When c. What
Tommy: Let's have spaghetti.
Joanna: That sounds really good. _____don't you go to the bakery and pick up some French bread? I'll get the spaghetti and sauce.
a. Why
b. How many
c. Who


My Favorite Food My favorite food is pasta. I love pasta with cream sauce and some kind of vegetable like spinach or broccoli. I like to go downtown to buy fresh fruit and vegetables at the farmers' market. I eat a lot of vegetables, fruit, rice, whole wheat pasta, cereal, and bread. I don't eat much junk food (chips or French fries...) and I don't eat meat. But I eat fish and other kinds of seafood. I like…
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