Creating an Option File

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Creating an Option File
If you need to specify startup options when you run the server, you can indicate them on the command
line or place them in an option file. For options that are used every time the server starts, you may find
it most convenient to use an option file to specify your MySQL configuration. This is particularly true
under the following circumstances:
• The installation or data directory locations are different from the default locations (C:\Program
Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.6 and C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server
• You need to tune the server settings, such as memory, cache, or InnoDB configuration information
When the MySQL server starts on Windows, it looks for option files in several locations, such as
the Windows directory, C:\, and the MySQL installation directory (for the full list of locations, see
Section, “Using Option Files”). The Windows directory typically is named something like C:
\WINDOWS. You can determine its exact location from the value of the WINDIR environment variable
using the following command:
C:\ echo %WINDIR%
MySQL looks for options in each location first in the my.ini file, and then in the my.cnf file. However,
to avoid confusion, it is best if you use only one file. If your PC uses a boot loader where C: is not the
boot drive, your only option is to use the my.ini file. Whichever option file you use, it must be a plain
text file.
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