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Course Organisation Deposit - Żytnia 10. -suggesting as in necessary reading -handout Henryk Zins “Historia Anglii” Syllabus - divided into several parts. -What culture is? How it was understood in the past? -Periods of History responsible for creating English identity A) Colonialism B) Multiculturalism Narrating a nation - telling the story of nation (broad term) Course- A lot of work and reading :( Expectations: Exam-Culture: -Mock Exam in ze booklet -Four parts 1)Explaining basic concepts (ie. Diaspora) 2)Basic Names and Dates -identify them! 3)We will be given fragments from text we are very happy to read and identify it's author and title. (If we don't read the texts we are screwed. Big Time) 4)One Topic. Mini Essay. In any case we are screwed. Some people pass it during first time. Exam- History -Between THIRTY and FORTY open question. Not dates but processes, concepts and stuff. 70% to pass! And now the lecture begins! ... zobacz całą notatkę

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