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Con fi guration The matching system is shown in Figure 3.9. For the reasons described in a later paragraph
we are working in admittance terms.
At the right of the diagram is shown is shown a load admittance YL. A line of
characteristic admittance Y0 and length l connects the load to a junction point between
the main line and a short circuited stub line of which the characteristic admittance is also
Y0. To the left of that junction, i.e. at the reference plane D, a transmission line whose
characteristic impedance is also assumed to be Y0 is supposed to be matched, i.e a wave
propagating to the right in that line is not reflected when it reaches the junction. This
will be because, when we have correctly designed the matching system, the admittance of
the parallel combination of the admittance provided by the stub line and the admittance
at the reference plane C is equal to the characteristic admittance Y0 of the line at the
reference plane D to the left of the junction.
In the design of this matching system, the lengths s and l are the variables to be
found. Because the stub is connected in parallel, we work in admittances, which combine
in a simple way (they simply add) for parallel connections.
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