Column Properties

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Column Properties
• Set a default value for a column: ALTER TABLE tbl ALTER COLUMN col SET DEFAULT
The default values for columns are stored in the .frm file for the table, not the InnoDB data
• Changing the auto-increment value for a column: ALTER TABLE table
Especially in a distributed system using replication or sharding, you sometimes reset the autoincrement
counter for a table to a specific value. The next row inserted into the table uses
the specified value for its auto-increment column. You might also use this technique in a data
warehousing environment where you periodically empty all the tables and reload them, and you can
restart the auto-increment sequence from 1.
• Renaming a column: ALTER TABLE tbl CHANGE old_col_name new_col_name datatype
When you keep the same data type and [NOT] NULL attribute, only changing the column name, this
operation can always be performed online.
As part of this enhancement, you can now rename a column that is part of a foreign key constraint,
which was not allowed before. The foreign key definition is automatically updated to use the new
column name. Renaming a column participating in a foreign key only works with the in-place mode
of ALTER TABLE. If you use the ALGORITHM=COPY clause, or some other condition causes the
command to use ALGORITHM=COPY behind the scenes, the ALTER TABLE statement will fail.
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