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Applications of the Smith Chart We have so far developed the Smith Chart as a graphical expression of the voltage reflection
factor Γv with impedance contours placed upon it, but the similarity between the
relations between the voltage reflection factor and the normalised impedance and between
the current reflection factor and normalised admittance allows the chart to be interpreted
equally well as an expression of current reflection factor with normalised admittance contours
placed upon it. Thus a single chart can be used either as a Γv − z or a Γi − y
We have already noted that the equation Γi = −Γv showing the relation between
current and voltage reflection factors. Thus the connection between Γv and Γi is by
reflection in the origin. Thus, we can get y from z, and vice versa, by reflection in the
origin, and using the same set of curves as contours of normalised resistance r and reactnce
x or as contours of normalised conductance g and susceptance b.
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