All printf conversion specifications

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A ll printf conversion specifications Character Argument type; Printed As d,i int; decimal number o int; unsigned octal number (without a leading zero) x,X int; unsigned hexadecimal number (without a leading 0x or 0X), using abcdef or ABCDEF for 10, ...,15. u int; unsigned decimal number c int; single character s char *; print characters from the string until a '\0' or the number of characters given by the precision. f double; [-] m.dddddd , where the number of d 's is given by the precision (default 6). e,E double; [-] m.dddddd e+/- xx or [-] m.dddddd E+/- xx , where the number of d 's is given by the precision (default 6). g,G double; use %e or %E if the exponent is less than -4 or greater than or equal to the precision; otherwise use %f. Trailing zeros and a trailing decimal point are not printed. p void *; pointer (implementation-dependent representation). % no argument is converted; print a % ... zobacz całą notatkę

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