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Algorithm description Kazakow algorithm is efficient, small and fast way, providing irredundant solution for output
function, given by many input signals (i.e. 20 and more), when output is weakly specified function.
Weakly specified function is the one that is given by a small amount of one's components / zero's
The idea for this method bases upon searching for prime implicants covering all canonical
expressions from one's component set.
Algorithm starts from any canonical 1's component.
We search for a prime implicant covering this component. Checking if any product expression
(single or multi-variable) that comes from this canonical component is a prime implicant does
First we check single-variable (single-literal) product expressions, than increasing product
expression by one variable, and so on. A product expression is prime implicant, when is not
covered by any 0 factor.
When prime implicant is found, we mark all 1's components covered by this prime implicant.
We continue searching for prime implicants for all not covered 1's components.
Finally we reduce number of implicants by removing those implicants, which deletion do not
leaves components not covered.
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