Troubleshooting Replication-opracowanie

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Troubleshooting Replication
If you have followed the instructions but your replication setup is not working, the first thing to do is
check the error log for messages. Many users have lost time by not doing this soon enough after
encountering problems.
If you cannot tell from the error log what the problem was, try the following techniques:
• Verify that the master has binary logging enabled by issuing a SHOW MASTER STATUS statement. If
logging is enabled, Position is nonzero. If binary logging is not enabled, verify that you are running
the master with the --log-bin [2039] option.
• Verify that the master and slave both were started with the --server-id [1991] option and that the
ID value is unique on each server.
• Verify that the slave is running. Use SHOW SLAVE STATUS to check whether the
Slave_IO_Running and Slave_SQL_Running values are both Yes. If not, verify the options that
were used when starting the slave server. For example, --skip-slave-start [2019] prevents
the slave threads from starting until you issue a START SLAVE statement.
• If the slave is running, check whether it established a connection to the master. Use SHOW
PROCESSLIST, find the I/O and SQL threads and check their State column to see what they
display. See Section 16.2.1, “Replication Implementation Details”. If the I/O thread state says
Connecting to master, check the following:
• Verify the privileges for the user being used for replication on the master.
• Check that the host name of the master is correct and that you are using the correct port to
connect to the master. The port used for replication is the same as used for client network
communication (the default is 3306). For the host name, ensure that the name resolves to the
correct IP address.
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