Temporary tables and replication options-opracowanie

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Temporary tables and replication options. By default, all temporary tables are replicated; this
happens whether or not there are any matching --replicate-do-db [2010], --replicatedo-
table [2012], or --replicate-wild-do-table [2014] options in effect. However, the --
replicate-ignore-table [2013] and --replicate-wild-ignore-table [2014] options are
honored for temporary tables.
A recommended practice when using statement-based or mixed-format replication is to designate a
prefix for exclusive use in naming temporary tables that you do not want replicated, then employ a --
replicate-wild-ignore-table [2014] option to match that prefix. For example, you might give
all such tables names beginning with norep (such as norepmytable, norepyourtable, and so
on), then use --replicate-wild-ignore-table=norep% [2014] to prevent them from being
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