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System reset (cluster reset).
To reset the cluster because it has reached an undesirable state. In such cases it is often desirable to
reload the data and metadata of one or more data nodes. This can be done in any of three ways:
• Start each data node process (ndbd or possibly ndbmtd) with the --initial [2330] option, which
forces the data node to clear its file system and to reload all MySQL Cluster data and metadata from
the other data nodes.
• Create a backup using the ndb_mgm client BACKUP command prior to performing the restart.
Following the upgrade, restore the node or nodes using ndb_restore.
See Section 17.5.3, “Online Backup of MySQL Cluster”, and Section 17.4.19, “ndb_restore —
Restore a MySQL Cluster Backup”, for more information.
• Use mysqldump to create a backup prior to the upgrade; afterward, restore the dump using LOAD
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