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SCI Transport Connections in MySQL Cluster
[sci] sections in the config.ini file explicitly define SCI (Scalable Coherent Interface) connections
between cluster nodes. Using SCI transporters in MySQL Cluster is supported only when the MySQL
binaries are built using --with-ndb-sci=/your/path/to/SCI. The path should point to a
directory that contains at a minimum lib and include directories containing SISCI libraries and
header files. (See Section 17.3.5, “Using High-Speed Interconnects with MySQL Cluster” for more
information about SCI.)
In addition, SCI requires specialized hardware.
It is strongly recommended to use SCI Transporters only for communication between ndbd processes.
Note also that using SCI Transporters means that the ndbd processes never sleep. For this reason,
SCI Transporters should be used only on machines having at least two CPUs dedicated for use by
ndbd processes. There should be at least one CPU per ndbd process, with at least one CPU left in
reserve to handle operating system activities.
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