Postmodern Poetry-opracowanie

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Postmodern Poetry
Attitude to mass culture
Very hard to decide which literary text belongs, to hard or to low
Distinction still getting blurred
O'Hara wrote many poems about movies, openly fascinated by mass culture
Focus on language - it's a sight
We are passive
We repeat certain patterns
Artificiality - more important than natural
Nature as creation of culture
Jacques Derrida - philosopher, common with poets, notion of deconstruction - any human being can't escape of binary opposition
All notions based on reaction of power
A kind of political project
Attitude to lg - prior to human identity
Construct flux of flow of signification, sth we can't live without
Cultural mobility, instability of meaning
Linguistic meaning is unfinished, flow of insignification, undetermined
post modern corruptiontruth is also local
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