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POST-MODERNISM A variety of different fields
Difficult to contain post-modernism to one poetic field
One of the three great literary models that emerged in the canon of literary history
We can place post-modernism to realism and modernism
Post-modernism - departure from realism and modernism
Realism - literary work supposed to convey the objective truth about the reality which was recognizable to the reader. Literature had a true function. Forced to convey truth about social reality - it was all rejected by modernist writers - didn't believe in objective presentation of the world -
they believed only as to show the world through the eyes and feelings of the character, psychologication of literature, analysis, narrative techniques allow for introspection
it was possible to prevent the subjective truth about the world - the truth connected with personal experience - not the view of the society
in post-modernism - a total rejection of the idea that literature can convey ay true function - literature is just a literature; for many centuries fulfilled not only literature functions - Literature is just a literature - has only literary functions
literature comes in between the role and the reader. Literature separates the reader from whatever is real.
post-modernism writers were preoccupied with literature as literature;
very fond of allusions
network of the existing literary text; literature feeds on literature; literature is rich in itself
Post-modernist notions
literature of exhaustion developed by John Barth literature reached in its limits - marked as “Finges Ways”
incomprehensibility of lg
this forces poets to ask questions
postulates that writers should not try to produce anything but turn to what has already been created metafiction
the most common sense of fiction about fiction
deals with itself; locates the reader ; about literary communication
identifies sources, determination
also called “self-referentiality”; always created in context; the presence of tis concept in literature; work accounts for literary quality
in post-modernism becomes a point in a quality that needs to be properly recognised and analysed
Night Journey by John Barth
Important, writers recycled
Subject of post-modern parody
Fairy tales
Storied which have universal appeal
Traditional genres


… - conveying sth to the reader the purpose of literary process itself - since the aim is so vague, Barth ironises here 2 traditional functions ascribed to literature (p.2); implies 2 traditional functions of literature:
reaching the shore, comes the message to reader
swimming for its own sake - literature for its own sake, a credo of aesthetic (Oscar Wilde - representative in England)
the maker (author…
… Gravity's Rainbow for the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction. However, the other eleven members of the board overturned this decision, branding the book "unreadable, turgid, overwritten and obscene." The novel was nominated for the 1973 Nebula Award for Best Novel and won the National Book Award in 1974. Since its publication, Gravity's Rainbow has spawned an enormous amount of literary criticism and commentary…
… to a girl called Lolita who is only 12 years old. There have been two film versions of the book (1962 and 1998), the first directed by Stanley Kubrick. The name `Lolita' is sometimes used to refer to a young girl who is regarded as sexually desirable.
Pale Fire
The Real Life of Sebastian Knight - novel; reveals certain modernist aspects and interests; has certain existential concerns; a focus on the…
… which emerged exactly at that time
Picaresque novel
Quality of the novel - a game, Barth plays with the novelistic conventions
revision of American history myth which emerges from American history
Lost in the Fun House
Night-Sea Journey
margin - inscription - infinity, the story goes and goes endlessly, makes us aware of unlimited possibilities of a lifetime
narrator - a (sperm settle) - plemnik
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