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I live in a house in Olecko. The house is situated near the downtown. There are four bedrooms and one bathroom in the house. There is also a nice garden outside. Downstairs, there is a small entrance hall, living room, pantry, dining room, bathroom, and a kitchen. All bedrooms are located upstairs. The master bedroom belongs to my parents. We have large balcony, which I can enter from my room. There is also an attic on the very top floor of the house. We store there all the things that we don't need. I have a small room, which I decorated myself. There is a computer desk by the window, a bed along the west wall, and a large wardrobe, where I have all of my clothes. I don't have a TV in my room. If I want to watch TV, I have to go to the living room. In the living room there is a large sofa and two armchairs. We have a nice collection of paintings displayed on every wall. My room is located in front of the kitchen. My sister has a room next to mine. It walls are blue. In addition, she has a huge wardrobe because she has a lot of clothes. Bathroom is at the end of the corridor. In the bathroom are a shower and washing machine. My home is full of modern furniture and new equipment. We put wallpaper on the parts of walls, and painted other part of the walls with a beautiful, light colours.  In a large room we have a chest of drawers, TV set, large table, sofa and armchair. In a small room are: a bed, wardrobe, TV. This is the room for guests. I like my house because it's cozy. Here's my entirehouse.
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