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MySQL Cluster Overview
MySQL Cluster is a technology that enables clustering of in-memory databases in a shared-nothing
system. The shared-nothing architecture enables the system to work with very inexpensive hardware,
and with a minimum of specific requirements for hardware or software.
MySQL Cluster is designed not to have any single point of failure. In a shared-nothing system, each
component is expected to have its own memory and disk, and the use of shared storage mechanisms
such as network shares, network file systems, and SANs is not recommended or supported.
MySQL Cluster integrates the standard MySQL server with an in-memory clustered storage engine
called NDB (which stands for “Network DataBase”). In our documentation, the term NDB refers to
the part of the setup that is specific to the storage engine, whereas “MySQL Cluster” refers to the
combination of one or more MySQL servers with the NDB storage engine.
A MySQL Cluster consists of a set of computers, known as hosts, each running one or more
processes. These processes, known as nodes, may include MySQL servers (for access to NDB data),
data nodes (for storage of the data), one or more management servers, and possibly other specialized
data access programs. The relationship of these components in a MySQL Cluster is shown here
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