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Mulatto-opracowanie - strona 1

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Mulatto” - Langston Hughes
Topic recurrent in Hughes poety
Speaker - the mulatto son speaking; his father white, mother - black woman - mixing races topic taboo but in the South common practice
Relationship between a black woman and a white man - all things happen at night, under the cover of the night, like a secret ! - exclamation - anger about the recognition, admitting
Setting Sout - concept of the night - introduced “dusk” - image of South night which happens to be beautiful - what's happening next to this beauty - women treated as toys, like objects; “toy” throw away
Bodies presents “juicy bodies” - sex objects
“blue black” - bruises
Intercoulor of…
Sexual intercourse based on rape, superiority of white master, an act of violence
The white man is refusing to admit that these women were human beings
Those mulatto boys are conceived out of violence, oppression
Next voice - the voice of the brother; he's rejected because he's black
Yellow - the mulatto boy - theme of the tragedy - you're neither white nor black - you belong to nature. Yellow are the stars, comparison. A lot of stars, a lot of mulatto boys - story of the entire generation, like a atestimony to the institution of slavery
Sexual economy of the plantation to produce more slaves, provide more labour
This is a message of white man - you belong to blackness
They are everywhere - story of the entire group, all of these boys are to be found everywhere
“nigger” - offensive tone, reflects attitude of white owners
Yellow bastard boy - standing up for his right, utter in very right voice; demand recognition and celf-confidence, a lot of anger. About recognition, admit it - refers to one of the biggest taboos - mixes of races and there are mulatto boys. You may pretend that this topic doesn't exist but it is true.
The total rejection on the part of the white family
Topic of passing - negotiate subjectivity, you can choose; negotiating, constructing on identity. (Film “Piętno”)
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