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Deploying a MySQL Database Using EC2
Because you cannot guarantee the uptime and availability of your EC2 instances, when deploying
MySQL within the EC2 environment, use an approach that enables you to easily distribute work among
your EC2 instances. There are a number of ways of doing this. Using sharding techniques, where you
split the application across multiple servers dedicating specific blocks of your dataset and users to
different servers is an effective way of doing this. As a general rule, it is easier to create more EC2
instances to support more users than to upgrade the instance to a larger machine.
The EC2 architecture works best when you treat the EC2 instances as temporary, cache-based
solutions, rather than as a long-term, high availability solution. In addition to using multiple machines,
take advantage of other services, such as memcached to provide additional caching for your
application to help reduce the load on the MySQL server so that it can concentrate on writes. On the
large and extra large instances within EC2, the RAM available can provide a large memory cache for
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