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Data nodes. The only executable required on a data node host is the data node binary ndbd or
ndbmtd. (mysqld, for example, does not have to be present on the host machine.) By default, when
building from source, this file is placed in the directory /usr/local/mysql/bin. For installing on
multiple data node hosts, only ndbd or ndbmtd need be copied to the other host machine or machines.
(This assumes that all data node hosts use the same architecture and operating system; otherwise you
may need to compile separately for each different platform.) The data node binary need not be in any
particular location on the host's file system, as long as the location is known.
When compiling MySQL Cluster from source, no special options are required for building multithreaded
data node binaries. Configuring the build with NDB storage engine support causes ndbmtd to
be built automatically; make install places the ndbmtd binary in the installation bin directory along
with mysqld, ndbd, and ndb_mgm.
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