Advantages of row-opracowanie

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Advantages of row-based replication
• All changes can be replicated. This is the safest form of replication.
The mysql database is not replicated. The mysql database is instead seen as a node-specific
database. Row-based replication is not supported on tables in this database. Instead, statements
that would normally update this information—such as GRANT, REVOKE and the manipulation of
triggers, stored routines (including stored procedures), and views—are all replicated to slaves using
statement-based replication.
For statements such as CREATE TABLE ... SELECT, a CREATE statement is generated from the
table definition and replicated using statement-based format, while the row insertions are replicated
using row-based format.
• The technology is the same as in most other database management systems; knowledge about
other systems transfers to MySQL.
• Fewer row locks are required on the master, which thus achieves higher concurrency, for the
following types of statements:
• INSERT statements with AUTO_INCREMENT
• UPDATE or DELETE statements with WHERE clauses that do not use keys or do not change most of
the examined rows.
• Fewer row locks are required on the slave for any INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE statement.
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